Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Cricut Rewards Haul

I've been saving up my rewards points because there didn't seem to be anything I felt like spending them on. Well, the other day when I logged on they had all these new items. I was so excited! Then I saw that they said "Circle Exclusive" and I was disappointed. I got to thinking, why are these showing up now when they never did before? I decided to see if I could add them to my shopping cart and low and behold they did. Before I could check out, I had to stop to do something else {life does get in the way sometimes}. When I came back the next day, those new items were no longer there but guess what they were still in my shopping cart. So I checked out. Only $11.88 for all 4 cartridges.

Later, when I was on the Cricut Message board I saw someone said that there was a systme glitch that was allowing everyone to see the Circle Exclusive items. One women even said that she ordered some but was sent an email the next day saying her order was cancelled because she wasn't a Circle member. So I kept expecting that to happen to me. But it never did {smile}, I recived an shipping notification email and I received the cartridges a few days later.

So I guess I got away with it. I don't feel guilty, because I when I ordered the items, I had no intention of trying to cheat anything. Also at the same time, regardless of a system glitch, I think they should have honored any orders anyway.

Thanks for looking,

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  1. What a great haul!..I need to see what I can get with all my points..I think you are right, they should have honored all the ones who had orders put in. :)