Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day after Christmas

So here are the cards I made yesterday. This is the first time I used printed images on my cards. I usually use stamped images or Cricut cuts. I had seen a video where they used vintage images. In the video, they clear embossed the image 5 times, put the image in the freezer for 20 minutes and then after removing the image from the freezer they cracked it to make it have a crazing look to it. Well I printed out my images from, heat embossed them, but then did not end up putting in the freezer. I liked the images and was unsure if I would like it with the crazed/distressed look. So I left them as is.

So I went into work today. What a dedicated employee (ha ha). Every year, I say I will be organized so I don't go crazy at year-end. And every year I'm not. Well some day I will get there. I spent 6 hours working and still have that "Oh S****" feeling about getting everything finished before December 31st. The one good thing is that David is on Christmas Break. So I can go into work early and stay late. I'm debating on going into work again tomorrow. My brother has his daughter tomorrow so they are coming over around 5:00pm to exchange Christmas gifts.

Well one thing I will be working on tomorrow are some more cards. I started another one today. I only have to decorate the inside and then I will be done. I am really slow at designing and making cards. Good thing I'm not in a rush and I have enough patience to do it. Well I will post a picture of it tomorrow. I will also post my new goodies I've bought from Michael's the last few days. I love 50% coupons and clearence items (because Michael's coupons will apply to clearence items...woo hoo!!)

Write tomorrow....Valerie


  1. What stunning cards...fantastic colors and images...these are simply lovely!

  2. whooo, I adore the chocolate and green together, my favorite color combo, stunning cards!

    enjoy *~*