Monday, July 22, 2013

New craft room in process

So as you might know I recently moved into a new home.  Since I first moved in I had my craft room upstairs in one of the bedrooms.  But lately I realized it was just too small.  So this weekend I started moving my craft room downstairs.

The back wall are storage cubes from Michael's.  I built a platform using 2 by 4's so they would be off the floor.  Then for extra counter space I'm putting a countertop over them.  

A while back I purchased some unfinished cabinets from Menard's.  But because I didn't have room in my craft room I've been using them in my sewing room.  Now I have room, so I finally got around to painting them and moved to my new craft room.

I have an unused armoire that I'm going to move down there once I get some muscle over to help me {smile}. 

Well that will all for now.  Once I get everything moved I'll post more pictures.

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