Saturday, July 23, 2011

My First Cricut Imagine Card

So, I've had my Cricut Imagine for over a month...First, my Imagine More cartridge was bad and I had to call Cricut to get a new one. Then I was having problems getting it to update correctly, I never seemed to have time to call Cricut to get help updating, because I work 8-5, don't get home until 5:30 so needless to say, when they close at 6, I just couldn't get it done. Then I went on vacation (and still hadn't called Cricut). My craftroom is on the second floor of my house and with this heat it has been like a sauna up again, I still hadn't fixed or used my New

Well today, the weather was a little less hot, so I turned on the window air conditioner and was able to keep the room cool enough to work in there. So before I called Cricut (which I'm not even sure they have Saturday hours) I decided to try the update again. Well low and behold it worked. So I made my first card. It is for a family friend that was just diagnosed with Cancer.
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